Indonesian Law No. 19 Year 2002 Concerning Copyright regulates that the registration of a copyright is not a compulsory. However, in order to facilitate the legal proceeding (if any), a creator or copyright holder can register their creation as a copyright. The certificate will be used as an evidence on the ownership of the certificate holder as a truly holder of the copyright. Nevertheless, any party can challenge the ownership of the said right if they have pertinent evidences dictating differently.



A Trade Secret does not need to be registered. However, Indonesian Law No. 30 Year 2000 Concerning Trade Secret stipulates that a license agreement on a trade secret shall be recorded at the Indonesian IP Office, otherwise, such agreement will not have any effect to other 3rd parties apart from the signature parties. The recordation of license agreement of a trade secret consists of administrative data only, while the substantial data is left with the two signature parties.


Intellectual Property audit

Based on our practice, the intellectual property rights holder needs to conduct intellectual property rights audit on a regular basis, particularly when it owns numerous registered intellectual property rights. The intellectual property rights, especially the registered ones are valuable asset of a company. They must therefore receive well treatment and maintenance in endeavour to protect them properly. FORTUNA ALVARIZA IP provides the IP audit service for clients and assists them to do a better protection of their IP assets.